Employee Training for Self-Managed MDM: Best Practices

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Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions have become an essential component of modern businesses as more organizations rely on mobile devices to carry out job operations and access corporate data. However, managing such a huge number of devices without an MDM solution can be challenging.

When it comes to choosing MDM solutions, corporates with huge IT infrastructure prefer outsourced MDM solutions due to the high security, compliance, and flexibility it provides. Nonetheless, managing MDM software in-house can be daunting and requires extensive training and expertise. This article discusses the role of employee training in managing an MDM solution.

Contents of Employee Training for Successful Implementation of Self-managed MDM Solution

To gain the maximum advantage of self-managed MDM solutions, the organization must have technically sound employees who can configure and maintain MDM software in an effective manner.

In this scenario, training can play an important role in educating employees regarding the installation, configuration, maintenance, and management of an MDM product to keep the assets of an organization secure and safe. The training should extensively cover the following areas to leverage the benefits of this innovative technology.

Management of Devices

First and foremost, the training should cover the topics related to enrolment, configuration, and management of digital devices. It should provide comprehensive guidelines to configure, troubleshoot and update a device.

Defining and Configuring a Policy

Secondly, the employees must be provided with extensive training regarding the creation, configuration, and distribution of policies from the MDM portal to implement the organization’s SOPs, data protection measures, incident reporting strategies, and acceptable use on the mobile devices of employees.


Thirdly, trainers should highlight the significance of information security for an organization to maintain its reputation and carry out business operations. The employees should be aware of security policies and measures including robust passwords, anti-virus solutions usage, reporting security incidents, and avoiding public Wi-Fi.


Finally, the employees should be equipped with the knowledge to ensure conformance to applicable international standards and regulations. Further, employees should be aware of fines and penalties associated with non-compliance to be vigilant regarding the management of mobile devices.

Best Practices at the Managerial Level

The managers of a corporation should ensure the effectiveness of training provided to IT staff for managing an MDM solution on-premises. For this, the following best practices should be adopted by upper management.

The Availability of Training Materials

The management should ensure that training should be provided in different formats including face-to-face, online training, in person training and all the reference materials should be provided in written form so employees can revisit it for better comprehension.

Devise policy for Attending Training

The training program should be designed in different formats for employees depending on the nature of the job and the need to use mobile devices. Firstly, basic training regarding the use of MDM apps installed on the device and the best practices to use a device for work purposes should be provided to all employees.

Secondly, specialized training regarding set up, installation, configuration, maintenance, and management of the MDM solution should be provided to IT staff involved in these tasks. Furthermore, the management should ensure that employees are attending relevant training properly.

Reinforcement and Updates

The management should reinforce training via communication using different modes like newsletters, in-person meetings, email, and internal communication apps. Moreover, training materials should be updated when new features are incorporated, or the SOPs of organizations change.


Extensive training programs are key for the successful management of self-managed MDM solutions. Organizations must develop comprehensive training programs to set up, install, configure, maintain, and manage the MDM solution. In this way, they can protect their assets, sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulations.