One Platform To Manage Them All

Android Kiosk Software

Restrict Android device users from accessing unwanted apps and websites, and limit excessive data costs. VanatgeMDM Kiosk Mode app works on Tablets, Mobile Devices & Android mPOS.

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iOS Kiosk Software

Use the iOS Kiosk to interact with iPads and iPhones. Explore the functionalities of VantageMDM Kiosk app and provide a safe, secure device experience.

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Windows Kiosk Software

Use VantageMDM Kiosk mode app to limit employees’ access from business unrelated activities to maintain an effective organizational work experience and improve overall workplace productivity.

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With VantageMDM Kiosk Software, Get Complete Control in Your Hands

VantageMDM makes it possible for IT admins to view, control, and manage corporate-owned devices by enrolling them remotely. The device enrollment can be carried out through multiple methods including zero touch enrollment, QR code-based enrollment and Azure AD enrollment. VantageMDM device management solution comes with an in-built, user-friendly dashboard that can be centrally controlled.

Why Choose VantageMDM?

VantageMDM Kiosk mode software is a budget-friendly offering that improves efficiency, and enhances overall productivity. Here are other reasons to choose it:

VanatageMDM Kiosk app automates the mundane and lets you focus on what matters most: building your core business.
Intuitive, Easy to Use
VantageMDM comes with a robust and user-friendly dashboard that allows you to control devices easily.
Cost Savings
Upkeep device performance results in improved productivity. Moreover, remote troubleshooting reduces the need for mobility, and reduces maintenance costs.

Set up your Kiosk Software in Minutes with Just a Few Simple Steps

VanatageMDM is a simple and effortless Kiosk solution that offers companies a secure smartphone, tablet, and laptop management solution.