Outsourced MDM for Industry Mobility: A Strategic Approach

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In this current era of digit transformation and technical innovation, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution has become an essential component of businesses to manage their mobile devices. When it comes to deploying MDM solutions, organizations usually have two options including self. managed and outsourced MDM software. This article highlights the popularity of outsourced MDM solutions among different industries.


In the retail industry, MDM solutions have become an integral part of performing business operations. However, for retailers configuring and managing MDM solutions internally can be cumbersome as it requires IT infrastructure and technical staff that can be expensive and time-consuming.

Retailers usually have a limited budget, resources, and technical staff and for managing in-house solutions, they need to procure additional software, hardware, and staff training. On the contrary, third-party MDM solutions save resources and money by eliminating all these expenses. In such a case, retailers can allocate their budget and resources to perform their core business operations.

Likewise, outsourced MDM solutions can help retailers in addressing challenges associated with growing businesses. Third-party service providers are professional teams and can easily provide support for new devices without the need to worry about additional IT infrastructure and personnel. In such a way, retailers can easily expand their business within budget.

Another important factor that must be considered while selecting MDM software implementation is the level of expertise and skillset that the in-house IT team or third-party service provider possess to manage MDM solution, provide technical support, and combat security attacks.

The retailers have less technical staff who have responsibilities to manage the network and devices of the entire organization due to which they can’t handle comprehensive MDM software.

Moreover, they are not even trained in managing this solution due to which several technical issues might arise. On the other hand, third-party vendors have well-trained, experienced, and technical team members that manage MDM solutions quite effectively for different organizations.

Therefore, they can take care of security attacks, troubleshoot technical issues, and provide continuous support. Considering all these factors, it is beneficial for retailers to go for outsourced MDM solutions.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Such organizations can opt for outsourced MDM solutions as they have very limited resources, IT infrastructure, and budget. Therefore, in this situation, it is very difficult for these companies to manage MDM solutions internally.

This setting of MDM implementation outsources the management of MDM software to some experienced service providers, due to which their staff can focus on their designated roles and responsibilities to accomplish core business objectives.

The administration of such outsourced MDM solutions is performed by experienced and technically sound third-party vendors, which automatically reduces the attack surface of such organizations. However, on the flip side, the technical staff in SMEs is less in number and they do not have enough resources to manage such a powerful management solution.

Another important advantage of outsourced MDM solutions is that third parties allow SMEs to access advanced and paid management services and tools which is too expensive for them to procure if they manage MDM internally. In addition, third-party service providers offer continuous remote support and monitoring to deal with technical issues and downtime efficiently.


Like other sectors, the education department also employs digital devices to deliver lessons, track attendance, take quizzes/assignments, and conduct examinations. However, selecting the type of MDM software deployment is an important concern for the administration.

The educational institutes do not have enough budget to deploy MDM internally and their business objective is to impart quality education. Therefore, they should opt for an outsourced MDM solution as it is less expensive and scalable in comparison to the in-house setting.

The educational institutes do not have well-trained and professional IT staff members that can manage a powerful MDM solution whereas third-party service providers are quite professional in ensuring that all the mobile devices are accurately configured, secured, and updated.

Moreover, the technical staff automatically deploys necessary apps, security patches, and software updates, thereby eliminating the hassle of explaining these procedures to non-technical staff members and students.

On the other hand, professional IT staff members need to push and manage these settings over the devices in case of an internally managed MDM solution, which is cumbersome for the educational sector. On top of that, proper IT infrastructure, software, and hardware are required to configure MDM software in-house which is the biggest challenge for the education sector due to the limited budget.