Simple & Reliable iPad and iPhone Kiosk

You need a secure iPad Kiosk app that is simple to use, yet secure and reliable - this is exactly what we stand for. We take security and responsible device management incredibly seriously, and you can be certain that you’re in safe hands with us. You can implement granular management policies according to your business needs.


The All-Important Kiosk Features

Our sophisticated yet user-friendly system works by granting you complete control over the applications which are enabled on the device - and most importantly. As an authorized administrator, you are then able to push all kiosk-related settings remotely to your device. Our iPad Kiosk software can allow single or multiple apps as you desire, and you maintain total oversight.

Single and Multi App Kiosk

Implement single and multi app kiosk. Allow single or multiple apps on the device depending upon your need.


Safety and security across all elements, including password management, remotely erasing device data, identifying jailbroken and rooted devices, and blocking Bluetooth and SD card access.

Internet Filtering

Internet filtering, which allows you to set blacklists and whitelists of websites. You can also implement content category based filtering on iOS devices.

Remote Screen View

Remote screen view, which enables you to view all device screens in one place, from wherever you may be .

Location Tracking

Track location of devices remotely. Configure location reporting interval from your VantageMDM dashboard.

Restrictions and Configurations

Fully customizable restriction and configuration settings for a truly tailored Experience. Block access to volume and power button, block access to camera, Siri and much more!

Complete Device Management Solution

From a brand and a dedicated team you can trust, VantageMDM brings you a mobile device management solution that opens a world of possibilities and intuitive features, each one of which is affordable, efficient, user-centric, and optimized to streamline your experience.

Our iPad Kiosk Mode Software on Your Terms

Looking for the best iPad Kiosk software solution on the market, to meet your needs? Then look no further. At VantageMDM, our signature Kiosk Mode has been crafted with only the smartest of technology, to transform any iPad into a kiosk device.