Manage Multiple Devices with VantageMDM

Our easy-to-use mobile device management solution empowers IT teams to effortlessly enroll devices, configure policies, leverage devices utilized for dedicated purposes and to streamline BYOD.

MDM Software for Android

Android devices come with a wide variety of manufacturers and models, VantageMDM supports all devices running on Android 5 and above. Distribute, update, and remove applications over the air with our managed Google Play Store option. Ensure compliance by enforcing custom security policies and restrictions. Remotely access and troubleshoot devices to minimize downtime.

MDM Software for Apple(iOS/iPadOS/macOS)

Apple devices have unique management needs due to their proprietary ecosystem, VantageMDM empowers IT teams to streamline device setup with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Deploy and manage apps using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP).

MDM Software for Windows

Windows devices are crucial for productivity, with VantageMDM enroll and configure devices using Microsoft Azure AD or manual enrollment. Ensure devices are up to date with automatic patch management, enforce security settings and policies, including BitLocker encryption.

MDM Software for Chromebook

With increasing popularity of Chromebooks in educational and business settings, VantageMDM ensures effortless enrollment of devices using Google Service Accounts. Easily enable internet and YouTube filtering remotely, generate detailed compliance reports to meet regulatory requirements.

Effortless Mobile Device Management Software 

VantageMDM Empowers IT Admins to leverage a wide-range of features that are user-centric, cost-effective, and efficient in every manner to business and educational needs.

Enforce Restrictions

Enable or disable hardware features like volume and power buttons, set restrictions for data security, privacy, screen capture and more.

Enable Kiosk Mode

VantageMDM empowers IT admins to create a restricted environment (MDM Kiosk Mode) by providing access to approved applications.

Network Security

Automatically connect devices to password-protected networks seamlessly. Set up once and deploy devices to be utilized right out of the box!

Browser Lockdown Mode

Select any browser in single app mode, enforce advanced security policies and restrictions, disable user access to disallowed websites, apps or content.

App Management

Remotely install applications, configure app runtime permissions, enable app blocking feature to restrict device users from installing applications that are not essential.

Factory Reset Protection

Prevent device users from performing factory reset, IT admins can easily activate Factory Reset Protection with our MDM Software.

OS and App Updates

Install updates set by the IT admin, make sure the devices are up to date and running without any interruption.

Scrutinize Password Settings

VantageMDM helps IT admins to streamline password settings with low to high complexity, configure maximum time to lock the screen, and set non-compliance actions.

Powerful and Intuitive Mobile Device Management Software

Protect your organization with robust security features and ensure compliance with industry regulations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a software solution that allows organizations to manage, secure, and control mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It provides features like device enrollment, policy enforcement, app distribution, and security management to ensure compliance and data protection.

Which Platforms Does Your MDM Software Support?

Our MDM software supports all major platforms including Android, iOS, iPadOS macOS, Windows, and Chromebook. You can manage and secure diverse devices from a single, centralized dashboard.

Does Your MDM Solution Support Remote Workforces?

Absolutely! Our Mobile Device Management solution is designed to manage and secure devices used by remote workforces. With features like remote policy enforcement, app distribution, and real-time monitoring, you can support your mobile workforce efficiently.

How Can I Get Started With Your MDM Software?

Getting started is easy! Click on the 'Request a Demo' or 'Start Free Trial' button on this page, and our team will guide you through a personalized demonstration or trial setup to help you explore our MDM software. Or simply chat and ask your queries!