Enforce Healthy Content

Not all content or websites are suitable for the classroom. With VantageMDM, you can enforce blacklists for websites and keep students focused on relevant and classroom-friendly content.


Kiosk Lockdown for Unauthorized Apps

Using the kiosk mode provided by our MDM solution for schools, you can control the provision of recommended apps or disable unauthorized apps for all devices connected to your network.

Provide Real-Time Support to Students

VantageMDM solution for schools and education provides instant and real-time support to your students and reviews the content your students are browsing. You can remotely view and monitor the screens of iOS, Android, Windows PC and Chromebook devices via our MDM panel.


Wide Range of Features With an Easy-to-Use Interface!

VantageMDM provides features with affordable pricing that’s unmatched by any other competitors! Leverage features, and streamline devices for education like no other solution.

MDM for Schools - Provide a Better Learning Approach

Improvise administrative operations and make education convenient and easy to students and teachers with our MDM solution for education! Sign up for free and get started with VantageMDM today!


What is VantageMDM’s solution for schools?

VantageMDM provides a comprehensive mobile device management solution tailored for educational institutions. It allows schools to securely manage and monitor all their mobile devices, ensuring they are used effectively for educational purposes while maintaining data security and compliance with educational standards.

How does VantageMDM enhance educational experiences in schools?

Our MDM solution for schools facilitates a seamless integration of technology into the classroom, enabling educators to distribute educational content, streamline communication, and monitor device usage to ensure alignment with learning objectives. This leads to more engaged students and a more organized educational environment.

Can VantageMDM manage both school-owned and student-owned devices?

Yes, VantageMDM supports comprehensive management policies for both school-owned devices and personal devices brought under a BYOD policy. Our flexible management capabilities ensure that all devices, regardless of ownership, adhere to the school’s security and usage policies.

What are the key features of VantageMDM for schools?

Key features include application management, content filtering, device tracking, remote control capabilities, theft prevention, and robust data analytics. Each feature is designed to enhance the educational use of technology while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

What support does VantageMDM offer to schools?

VantageMDM offers extensive support including 24/7 technical support, dedicated account management, and ongoing training resources. We are committed to ensuring that our clients have everything they need to successfully manage their digital learning environments.

How cost-effective is VantageMDM for educational institutions?

We offer competitive pricing tailored to the needs of educational institutions, with scalable options based on the number of devices and the specific services required. Our goal is to provide a high-value solution that fits within educational budgets.

Why should our school choose VantageMDM over other MDM providers?

VantageMDM stands out due to our deep understanding of the educational sector, commitment to security and privacy, and comprehensive support structure. Our solution is not just about managing devices—it’s about enhancing the educational process and enabling schools to fully embrace digital learning opportunities with affordable pricing plan!