Device Management for Distributed IT Teams with MDM

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Over the last several years the use of mobile devices within your organization including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and other peripheral devices has become ubiquitous in the corporate world due to the ease they provide. Nowadays, organizations are inclined towards remote working and are therefore employing IT devices in their business operations to gain an advantage from these gadgets’ mobility and flexibility.

However, the introduction of a plethora of devices brings new challenges associated with their management and administration. The business team is scattered across the globe and performing their task at the convenience of their homes. Although this increases the productivity of the workforce to a greater extent, but on the flip side, their management is a tedious task.

To address these issues, Mobile Device Management (MDM) software emerges as an important tool that allows centralized management of digital devices in a decentralized environment. MDM can be a valuable tool for managing a remote workforce by improving security, increasing productivity, providing better visibility and control, and streamlining device management tasks.

How can MDM Help with Managing Teams?

MDM typically involves the use of a centralized management platform that communicates with mobile devices over the air (OTA) to enforce policies, monitor usage, and perform management tasks as over the last several years the use of mobile devices within your organization has been acknowledged by corporates and the workforce. Some of the ways in which MDM can be helpful in managing devices that increased a remote workforce are discussed below:

Centralized Management:

In today’s work environment, employees use different platforms, software, apps, and devices to perform job responsibilities. The main reason behind this is the fact that over the last several years the use of mobile devices within your organization has increased due to the advancement of technology and the availability of feature-enriched devices. One of these advanced technologies, MDM software provides a single unified console to manage digital devices centrally without any involvement to ensure that all employees have access to desired resources, software, and hardware.

Moreover, this console can also be used to streamline device configurations and setups aligned with organizations’ policies and regulations.

App Distribution:

With the help of MDM software, IT administrators can easily push apps, software, and web links onto employees’ devices depending on their needs and work requirements. Moreover, these apps can be distributed with desired privileges, permissions, and configurations to ensure security and improve user experience.

Apart from the installation, the management of updates and security patches can also be handled by MDM software remotely as over the last several years the use of mobile devices within your organization has increased exponentially and manual maintenance activities seem impossible now.

Remote Administration:

The mobile device management solution plays a vital role in supporting remote working environments. It assists admins in lessening the efforts regarding the assignment and management of numerous permissions. Instead, it allows the IT team to create a group for each role and assign privileges depending on their job.

Whenever an individual joins a corporate, one of the groups can be assigned to him so that all the apps, software, and permissions can automatically be installed on his device. In case an employee leaves an organization, the admin can simply remove his name from the assigned group so that all the access rights can be revoked automatically. Likewise, whenever an employee gets promoted, the already defined roles can handle permissions without the need for the admin to intervene in the system manually.

Remote Support:

MDM solutions offer remote support features that allow IT administrators to troubleshoot and resolve issues with mobile devices from a central location. The employee can share the screen of his device so that the admin can easily look into the issue and settle it remotely without the need for a device to be physically present.

Cost Management:

The MDM software provides a cost-effective solution for managing remote teams working in a decentralized environment. The admins can manage the devices of all employees centrally through a single click, which saves costs of hiring a large IT team concerned with managing different aspects of business manually. It eases the life of the IT team by providing automation as over the last several years the use of mobile devices within your organization has increased; thereby changing the business dynamics.

In the same way, MDM software protects organizations from security breaches by allowing employees to work in a controlled environment with approved apps and configurations that eventually save time and effort in employing mechanisms related to security administration. Moreover, limiting employees to fewer resources assists corporates to protect storage, bandwidth, data, and licensing costs for paid software and tools.

To conclude, MDM provides a comprehensive solution for the management and security of mobile devices in a remote workforce environment. By automating routine management tasks, enforcing security policies, and providing centralized visibility and control, MDM can help organizations effectively manage their remote employees' mobile devices and ensure that sensitive data is protected.